Before & After Pics: Cabinet

One cabinet off of Craigslist $75

1 quart of primer $13 and 15-20 minutes to paint the entire piece with primer (the dry time of 4 hours--That's the hardest part!)  No sanding--- no anything but good primer on with a sponge roller.

One coat of top coat $11 quart (another 15 minutes to paint it and then 4 hours to dry---again the hard part!)

Then Ralph Lauren Smoke glaze We used about 1/20th of a quart--cost $1)

Then sandpapered the edges, sides and front to give it the gorgeous European look (Free)

The Glaze and sandpaper give this wonderful look...


My new lighted cabinet...
All for under $100!


  1. Love it!!! I just did a hutch in black like this, but I was even luckier and got it at a garage sale for $20! Woo Hoo!:) I was just wondering if you put a coat of polyurethane on yours? I am always looking for things to paint and love your clock also. Great job!

  2. What color did you paint it before the smoke glaze? And di you coat it after wards w/poly or osmething?? It looks GREAT and I want to do the same to mine!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I am trying to figure out the glaze thing, but can't seem to find where to buy it. Where did you purchase yours?
    Bethany @ Happy By Design