Christmas Gifts

We've seen these all over the internet and I thought they were cute...
But they didn't make me want to go out and make any...
Then I stumbled across some in a local Shabby Chic Cottage store and I thought--
"Soooo Cute!!!"

So I had to make some...
And you know my motto--
"Nothing in Moderation!!!"

Thrift Store Cloches (.50 cents)
Thrift Store Plates (.25 cents)
Thrift Store Sundae Cups (.50 cents)
TOTAL: Christmas Presents made with Love!


  1. Wow! You really did a great job on these! And I see what you mean about once you get started, there are so many! That's great. I can't believe those great super-duper prices, especialy for the cloche! I'm so envious of that. My thrift stores around here are many times higher priced than that.

    Enjoyed looking back at other posts, so I decided to sign up as a follower. Come see me and I would be honored if you'd follow me also...

    Cynthia K. Beauty and Blessings

    P.S. I also was so impressed with your grandmother clock on the previous posts. It is stunning.

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.