Hong Kong Housing

I was fortunate enough to visit China recently...

The housing market in China is fascinating

All of the land in Hong Kong is developed so the only place there is to go is UP!

The density of the housing is remarkable...

House People--- They live on these boats for their entire lives...

Do you find the contrast between the House Boats and the High Rise Luxury Condos
as fascinating as I do???

I did enjoy a different culture and I tried many many new things
McyD called out to me as I walked by....
French Fries
They taste the same no matter where in the world you eat them!


  1. How amazing--
    Thanks for linking to the party.
    My hubby got his real estate license just before the market crashed and never has done anything with it-actually he went back to school right after but he would like to utelize it some day.
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