Healing Hands for Haiti

(Written by Dr. Jeff Randle--- Founder of Healing Hands for Haiti)

Most of the people in the church grounds looked fairly well cared for. We asked if there were any injured who needed treatment. We saw a few lacerations and a facial hematoma but most of the patients at the clinic had flu symptoms or were suffering anxiety due to the quake.Then they brought in a little boy. Oresto Oclor was a 4 yr old whose father had fashioned a device with two sticks and a little wicker and wood child’s chair. He and his sister had carried Oresto down the mountain for the past two days in Cleopatra fashion. He didn’t know where to take Oresto and had been sitting outside the church for an hour or two to rest. Oresto’s face was covered with dirt and dried tears. We unwrapped his blanket and saw that his ear was nearly torn off. He had a large chunk of skin torn out of his forehead and another larger chunk from his under his arm over his ribs. We unwrapped a dirty bandage from his hand and saw that it was dead. The quake had killed Oresto’s mother, and trapped Oresto under some concrete blocks. His father told us that another child who died in the quake was found lying on little Oresto’s hand. His wrist was infected and dying and the bones of his hand were sticking through the skin and had already turned black. Liz our nurse, cradled Oresto in her arms and cried as he screamed in pain while she bandaged his wounds. His forehead was burning and we could tell that he was septic and had bacteria coursing through his blood. This child would die if we didn’t get him immediate treatment. We packed up our clinic in a rush, and explained to Oresto’s father that they both had to come with us right now. Liz wrapped Oresto in a blanket and tried to shield him as best she could from the rough bumps in the road. Oresto was brave but cried out each time the car was jarred.
After what seemed like hours we got to the general hospital. We bypassed triage and were led to the pediatric tent. The Swiss were taking care of the pediatric trauma, and a world renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon saw Oresto within 10 minutes. I don’t think anyone can save Oresto’s hand, but I think that we saved his life. Oresto’s father doesn’t speak any French and we tried to explain everything that was going on and what to expect. He only had one question. “Please, when the doctors are done, they will give me back my son won’t they?”
So many things combined exactly to get Oresto to us and us to Oresto.
I think that is why I came to Haiti.
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  1. So glad this wonderful team was there to save Oresto. Of course, it was meant to be that God had all the events and timing arranged for this to take place.

    I know so many others will be saved and helped so much by these doctors. Bless them.

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)