What to Do with an UGLY Gold/Brass Shower Enclosure???

The creativity and ingenuity in blogland never ceases to amaze me.

OurSuburbanCottage didn't like the gold brass 1980's finish on her shower enclosure. (If you've ever priced replacing these, you know it isn't an inexpensive update).

So, with a little SPRAY paint, she has a fabulous updated shower. She did two coats of paint and when she cleans her shower, she uses a soft rag vs. an abrasive pad. Another blogger did the same and said her shower has been painted for over a year and still looks brand new.
I love the thought of re-using and recycling the things that we already have.

I'm trying it on my next Flip!  Big THUMBS-UP on this remodeling idea!!!!

(I can't get my photos to download- I'll keep trying)

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