Garage Sales Tracker??

Have you heard of Garage Sales Tracker? Well, it's pretty dang cool. Just stick in your zip code and it pulls up any garage sales listed in your area. Plus driving directions! Plus it's free! So much better than wasting your Saturday morning driving around unfamiliar neighborhoods, trying to follow a bunch of posterboard arrows.

The only thing that would make it any better was if there was an iphone app for it. Oh, there is...
And they're giving away THREE FREE iPhones.

The official iPhone app is finally out -- and they've been working hard to ensure the app is unlike anything you've ever used to find garage sales.


  1. LOVE your blog! I used to design houses and i love houses :)
    Love your trip to London!!! Oh cool!
    Great pictures!
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  2. Oh! Put your follower on the side of your page...I almost missed it :) People don't go at the bottom...They usually look at your side bar and recent posts...

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