Safety Sense- Natural Gas and Rotten Eggs

An odorant, called mercaptan, is added to natural gas to make even the smallest leak easy to smell. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs indoors or out, here’s what you need to do:

If you smell gas indoors or outdoors:

* Don't use your telephone or cell phone near the gas leak.

* Leave electrical switches, appliances and computers as they are.

* Don't smoke or use lighters or matches.

* Don't start any motors or motor vehicles near the gas leak area.

* If escaping natural gas is burning, call your local fire department. Don't attempt to put the fire out.

If you smell gas indoors:

* Open doors and windows to let the gas out and fresh air in.

* Go outside. Use your cell phone or a neighbour's phone to call the Gas Distribution Emergency Number, often found on your bill.

* If you can hear a "hissing" sound, leave the building immediately. Leave doors and windows open. As soon as you are well away from the gas leak call the Gas Emergency Number from your cell phone or your neighbour's phone.

If you smell gas outdoors:

* Leave the area. Then immediately call the Gas Emergency Number from your cell phone or neighbour’s phone.

* Stay clear of the area.

* Put out all open flames such as torches, campfires, and barbecues.

* Keep doors and windows closed to prevent gas from going inside.

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