Simple Summer Makeovers

Bring the Outdoors In

Bring your favorite piece of outdoor furniture indoors.

Use a Different Kind of Vase

Arrange your flowers in anything but a vase: Go through your pantry and find a pitcher, a tureen, a mug, a teacup.

Change Up Your Curtains

Change your heavy curtains for sheers. Your room will still look soft but much more modern.

Add Herbs to Your Flowers

Mix fresh herbs into your flower arrangement, instead of florist filler.

Use Stylish Fans

Take a style cue from designer John Danzer. "I pull out the many vintage fans I've bought over the years. They have metal blades, so they can be enormously dangerous, but they look and work great. They also make a lot of noise, but it's very rhythmic, which I find soothing," he says.

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