Batten Board Project: BEFORE & AFTER

Living Room- BEFORE

Dining Room- BEFORE

I know that you've seen it hundred's of time in Blog Land but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of Batten Board.  I had a really boring 1980's ranch living room/dining room combined.  Ugly faux paint on the walls, ugly carpeting, ugly everywhere you looked.

New wall paint and MDF  put up by my sons and myself. 

It was a Saturday project and went really quickly.  It is surprising how much light reflection the white brings into the space.  I was able to go with a dramatic color on the top; but the rooms still feel bright and light!


(Sorry about the iPhone pictures.  My Hubbies had my camera on his bike ride and dropped it on the road.  Did I mention that it was my NEW Cannon Camera???)
The Batten Board in the dining room is  taller than the Batten Board in the living room.
I wanted there to be flow since the rooms are connected, but I wanted definition between the spaces as well.
The wall paint in the dining room is one shade darker than the living room.

The dining room window was replaced with a large patio door for more light as well as access to the back yard.  New hard wood floors installed by my sons.

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